Why Are We Doing Any of This?

I mean, all of it. Exploring. Cultivating ourselves into our truest selves. Purging our demons. Reprogramming and restructuring limiting belief systems. Overcoming the money block. Training for something bigger.

I’ve gotten, once again, the ever-so-clear, stimulating and inspiring message…to stop fucking around (with focus on a few things in particular.) This works for me, as it comes from the depths of my soul, not from an outside spiritual “authority” (be it in energetic or physical form.) It’s time to seriously focus on overcoming money shit.

The bigger shifts are happening, and as many people attest to feeling, we are all being prepared. The ones who are paying attention will likely be the most effective. I won’t speak for anyone else, though I assume this applies to many.

And I’m not going to try to answer the questions outside of my realm of readiness, but it has become very clear where I need to stop fucking around – in regards to being able to fulfill my personal role and Life Purpose. That’s why I’m doing all of this anyway.

Stepping into Life Purpose

It has become more apparent, as I mentioned in an earlier post, that the top priority Life Purpose I have (at least at the moment) is to support others in getting into theirs (which works out great for me, because I am included in the population, and watching others step into their roles brings me the most soul-level satisfaction I have experienced so far – which is how I know it’s one of my roles!)

So basically, anything that is inhibiting me from doing that – time to step it up a notch. And those very same blocks or sluggish beliefs that are there in me…well, they are likely there in others, and learning how to move through them within myself will obviously give me a greater understanding, allowing me to support others more effectively in theirs.

Overcoming the Money Block

The big, booming, huge one – the money block. I’ve talked about this before, but it’s reached another level. How many people can I think of off the top of my head who, good bad right or wrong, are limited not only in time, but in energy, simply to survive in society. Don’t get me wrong, there are usually some really obvious money-sapping purchases and agreements in all of our lives (and I won’t pretend I don’t have them, because Lord knows I do.)

But even if I were to go through my spreadsheet with a fine-toothed comb, and sell my car, move in with my parents, eat cheap crap at the store, and live without heat – that wouldn’t change the belief system underneath that was causing (at least for me, I am not anywhere near anyone else’s experience) my counter-intuitive sluggishness when it comes to creating financial abundance.

Don’t get me wrong – the Universe has come through every time in its amazing way (it’s not like Infinite Light was OUR idea!) My old old thoughts on money, as a teenager, involved the bottomless pit of the credit card mentality, coupled with “spiritual people don’t need money, and if they have too much, they must not be spiritual.”

Though I later didn’t see it that way consciously, it still loomed in the background with judgments of people “making money” off of spiritual work. I can feel the trigger mildly in my body even as I type the words. It’s still there.

I had to use a mantra I could believe, or it doesn’t “take” energetically. Then it’s just words doing nothing inside my body. One that got me to another level was “there’s always enough.”

I used this for awhile, which did shift it around to manifest the equity line on a house I had bought a long time ago, allowing the investment money for IL in the first place. That’s what saved it when unexpected things popped up – the “always enough” belief did create a way to break even, every time. I am very grateful for that.

However, now, I (and many people I know) are ready to move from breaking even to surplus. Here creeps up the energy and judgment energy through my arms. Hold on, it’s literally heavy and clouding my thought process. Let me tap back into the liberated flow (sorry for the interlude!)

Have to Walk Through in Order to Help

Let’s think about this for a minute – if I have a Life Purpose helping others get into theirs, most of us (basing off of stats) are in the middle class somewhere. Sure, I could go get a government interpreting job for 100k a year. Is that serving my Life Purpose? No – that’s someone else’s.

That means, most of the people who may want support in stepping into theirs, are likely to be going through the same exact process I’m going through. So by learning my way through it, I can share what I’ve learned, hence, satisfying a step in my Life Purpose. So here we go.

It has been made clear that I need to stop fucking around with this bullshit belief that profiting off of something that has to do with spirituality is bad. Manipulation, taking advantage of people – different category. But considering most of us have bills to pay, meaning we must have some form of income in order to live, wouldn’t it be the ideal to have one’s income and Life Purpose in the same line?

My other option would be to work 9-5, and not run Infinite Light (or the other endeavors that are in the works – more on that later!) There is only so much time in a day, and only so much energy in a given body and mind. So wouldn’t my time be best spent serving in Life Purpose? To me, yes. This means, the only way I can focus my time on my role, is to be able to live off of it. And here’s the next level mantra that came about a month ago – “my kids deserve to go to college too.”

Money is not bad, it is how we use it that gives it it’s energy. I see “dirty money” as a real thing, as it is energetically charged with negative energies, used out of integrity. On the other side of that spectrum, “clean money” (we’ll have to think of a better word) would generate the same kind of positive energy, creating more flow and more impact in the world.

Envisioning Global Change

This brings it to a bigger picture. Let’s just take the particular population that I belong to, and tend to draw. Middle class Americans, open and craving change on both a personal and human/Earth level.

If all of us moved past this ‘holier than thou’ belief system that “spiritual people making money off it” are bad (implying we don’t want to be one of them) and all of our belief blockers cleared into a huge, open funnel for abundance, everyone who wants to get into Life Purpose but can’t because of money would be able to.

And what kind of impact that would have on the world. The Life Purposes almost always involve helping others in some way, shape or form. For some, it is working for a cause, domestic or international. For others, it’s spreading abundance to Americans and people in other countries who may be seeking it.

For many, it’s a form of art, music, dance – things that strike imperative chords to keep us going along the often turbulent path. Or simply to do one’s best to bring a positive child into the world, so they can live out theirs. Whatever it may be, a stupid money block is not worth fucking around with a big picture like this.

We Have to Prepare for Our Higher Calling

We (well, not every person reading this, but many of us) have an opportunity to live in a country where there is room to navigate, grow, and move. We do not have guns to our heads, demanding we follow an authorities rules.

We do not live in a place which has almost no trade and economy, so much that it requires a lot more than a belief system reboot to create abundance. So we are the ones who have the ability to navigate past our own heads and actually do some serious good in the world. Hence – the stop fucking around part.

Obviously, having money is not all that is required in the preparation for Life Purpose. But what it does is creates the space and time for individuals to delve deeper into their inner work, be it by traveling to Peru or India or wherever calls, or doing a training program like Inner Visions, or spending time at a yoga studio or with a book. Or just having some time to go out into nature and learn organically. Whatever a person is drawn to doing (or not doing – being!) at the moment.

The inner work is still work, don’t get me wrong. There’s just a lot more time to spend on the inner work if the outer world doesn’t involve a boss nagging for TPS reports (Office Space!) But it seems that sometimes this one little obnoxious belief systems slows the entire process down! For what? Move through that hurdle, and then the fun begins:)

Being Willing to Take a New Stance

I don’t mean that to project to anyone else. I just know so many in my same circumstance who want out, and to imagine the amount of movement that could happen blows my mind. But how?? For me, it’s taking a new stance. Pulling up the strength and inner power to allow myself to believe what I TRULY believe inside (which is this) instead of worrying about whether other people will judge me for it.

For me, it is way too important to fuck around with. Simply adopting a different way of thinking begins to create the new construct, and shooing away the old one when it pops out loosens and begins to starve it. Even exploring and considering the possibility that this limiting belief is limiting not only the individual, but those whom the individual in Life Purpose may have been able to support.

Once the belief block starts to move, just watch the ideas and opportunities flood in. If there is a strong presence of fear, micromanaging, lack of trust in the Universe, now onto the next belief system to work on. But at least it gets the ball rolling.

This Isn’t Just About Me

Most everyone goes through this process to straighten out the maze in their heads, telling them shit through thoughts that isn’t even true (usually filtered through the ego in some way, shape or form.) For me, it was the fact that I was not doing this just for me that kept me going, and practically forced my integrity into working with my own ego.

How much help could I really be mucked up with a ton of my own shit that I was denying. No. We NEED each other for this journey…every one of us, through different phases. I personally will need many people reading this at some point, in order to support me through my process so I can support others in theirs. We are a network – everyone of equal importance. The only difference lies in who is paying attention, and willing to move some bullshit around.

This is a generation of change, and though I’ve only been on Earth a short 30 years, change is something I have seen a lot of. Exciting change. My parents were alive when segregation still existed. WTF? That thought blows my mind. We are progressive, and looking at the bigger issues. “Going green” is a pop culture phenomenon. Even if it’s not as authentic as in India, “regular people” are doing yoga. At the very least it’s a doorway.

For me, I feel like the judgment shit has got to go, and blow past the crap into the reality. I’m obviously not the first person to feel this way, which validates the information even more that it is being dropped into many as the Big Shift is rolling. So my new mantra? “Abundance for All!”

Oh PS – I do believe there is a place to living with very little, and I do believe certain people have the Life Purposes to do so and hold up very high frequency Light space (like in monastaries and stuff.) I know living half the year in the village in Peru has taught me an immense about of lessons about what I actually need to live, and what I am just simply over-stimulated and distracted by.

Sometimes I think it’s just too many choices. So if you feel you have a Life Purpose involving something like this, then what I’m talking about doesn’t apply to you. It will strike a chord in those in my same boat, and do nothing (shy of possibly causing annoyance) for those who have a different role. Just to be clear:) Love!!! 🙂


~ Meghan Shannon Elder (@beyond_meghan)

Ayahuasca Preparation and Integration Specialist at Beyond the Ceremony

Accelerated Spiritual Development Coach at Beyond the Whirlwind

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