Please Note…

These Ayahuasca Apprenticeship Journals are a compilation of actual journal entries (edited for readability), blogs, and experiences during my time in Peru and in the States beginning in 2007, continuing through the present (as in reality, it’s all one big apprenticeship, no matter where I am and whether I’m in physical ceremony or not). Everything written is done so with as much integrity and clarity as I could offer.

I wrote these blogs as I was learning (so there’s some naiveté and ego you may catch that I couldn’t back then) so bear with my learning curve and take my experience with a grain of salt. I didn’t start out with the 250+ amount of ceremonies I have now, and my ego may show up in the writing to embarrass me and prove it:) I do add expanded insight from my future self at important time along the way.

Some of the exact dates and ceremony numbers are estimates. Once I got into a rhythm supporting groups for the shaman (five ceremonies per group) and blogging about my own experiences in between them, the numbers become more accurate.

To protect confidentiality, many names have been omitted and pieces of the story have intentionally left out to protect the privacy of others. Luco has given full permission to share our story (even the not-so-flattering parts) in the name of transparency and growth for the greater good as well.

Of course, there will be a natural bias as these are my own experiences, from my perspective, at the time of writing. There may be parts to the stories I do/did not have access to, nor can I speak to anyone else’s experiences but my own.

Every post is public and shareable – no need to ask. Being as transparent and real about my experiences, from my perspective, is one of the things I can give back to the Medicine and community so it can be used however it needs to be. Hopefully it will offer some insights and help people skip a couple of steps I had to learn the hard way.

There is a richness to the learning curve of a spiritual process like this, and no separation between physical world triggers and catalysts and the growth along the way. I hope sharing my story helps stimulate forward motion in yours, and I thank you for taking the journey with me:)

~ Meghan

Early Morning Coca Leaf Reading

6:30am – Huasco, Peru (outside of Cusco)

“Aqui, gracias.” I pulled out my Peruvian Soles and paid the taxi driver. Guess we’d found the place.

It seemed like such a normal barrio for the outskirts of the Andes. It was a beautiful morning, cool and crisp. Still quiet, less the emerging birdsongs, rooster crows and murmur of an occasional voice.

The sun was beginning to warm these dusty streets, casting deep shadows off the run-down adobe and wood paneled houses, while the slightest breeze created a rustle through leaves of thatched roofs.

The land still had that magnetic feel of its mountains below, a vivid quality of aliveness that those deep, wise stones and earth cast above to their surroundings.

I sensed the children born of these mountains knew it too, existing in harmony with their true guardian. They simply lived – puttering about, drawing pictures with rocks in the land while dogs sniffed around for stray breakfast.

Mothers picked up their brooms for the sunrise sweep of the living room dirt floor, glancing up briefly to see what a taxi was doing down that bumpy road so early in the morning. The smell of firewood and its enchanting crackle drifted through the crevices of the scene, culminating in a serene glimpse of what that harmonious mountain/child relationship could feel like.

A leap of faith and a nervous knock was all I could muster. Even though we had scheduled our meeting at this early hour so I could catch my flight, I wasn’t sure he would be ready for me. Peruvian time is historically more laid-back than Western, but airports don’t care what country you’re from. A young woman, maybe my age, answered the door. (more…)